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Leadership in the Real World

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

As a society, we tend to be ashamed of sharing our weaknesses, troubles or shortcomings.

When it comes to developing impactful leadership, This is a problem.

An integral quality of true leadership is leading with humility and transparency, rather than letting pride take the forefront.

As a leader, it would be detrimental to those I lead to portray a picture of perfection in my own life. In fact, anybody who has known me longer than one minute knows that I am far from perfect for a multitude of reasons.

We shouldn't be ashamed of our weaknesses, but rather exemplify what it means to be resilient. If adults refuse to show honest leadership and hide their shortcomings, those who they impact will not develop proper problem solving capabilities.

Like we've said before, it's about direction not perfection.

I believe that true leadership is about choosing to continue walking in the direction of serving others, regardless of personal hardship or insecurity.

If I hold in the shortcomings that i've had, I am robbing somebody else the opportunity to realize their life is not defined or limited by their deepest insecurities & weaknesses.

Real leaders, let's step up.

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