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Welcome to the Family

 Equal Shot is an elite youth program that goes beyond the scope of basketball. We have a mission to launch resilient leaders & creative problem solvers into our communities. 


Why We Exist

We envision a world where excellence is not the antithesis to affordable, where diversity is a virtue, and access is available to all who desire it.


In 2020, Equal Shot Academy was launched - serving the greater Leon County area providing high quality basketball training & leadership development, all while limiting the barriers of entry that plagued our city for some time.

Today, Equal Shot has grown its family in the big bend area, hosting group + one-on-one training, leagues, training camps, travel teams & more - all while providing scholarships for the under-resourced and staying true to the values that it was founded upon. 

This is way bigger than basketball!!


Our Team.

With years of high school, collegiate, and professional experience in athletics and building organizations, our staff offers a more focused approach to building the 'total' athlete and raising up the next generation.

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