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Let's Talk About Privilege.

Privilege is an invisible variable in our society, and its role in sports reflects that reality.

So, let's talk about it.

Growing up in Tallahassee, I was always fortunate enough to be able afford the programs and opportunities integral to my success on and off the court.

These opportunities paved the way for a successful collegiate basketball career, and even a masters degree by the time it was all said and done.

Although I am thankful for these privileges, it deeply saddened me to know that most people with the same desires and work ethic would never be able to reach these platforms due to a lack of access.

It was apparent that I benefitted off of the highest level of privilege in society.

From that perspective, I could do three things with privilege.

I could deny it, I could exploit it, or I could use it for the benefit of others.

Often times, those of us with privilege attempt to blind ourselves of the obvious, pretend that it simply doesn't exist - or maybe exploit it: to benefit our own empire, wealth, or social status.

The least common, yet most important of these options is to use or leverage privilege: in order to further a cause in the communities who lack similar advantages.

Out of this dilemma was birthed Equal Shot, where we exist to bridge the gap for those who desire to get better, but don't have the resources typically needed to access the necessary tools to do so.

We strive to provide access, because we understand that privilege and power were always meant to be given away.

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