What does the term “authentic athlete” mean?

We believe that each human being is unique. Everyone has unique skill sets and talents that they have been gifted with. Our mission at New Rules Basketball Academy is to help each athlete realize what their unique gifts are on and off the court, thus developing the authentic athlete.

Is my son or daughter good enough for basketball training?

Short answer: yes. There is no required skill set for basketball training. The only requirement is a desire to want to get better! Everyone has to start from somewhere, and there is no shame or embarrassment about being a beginner. Our standard here for success is a willingness to work hard and get better, not just results.

Are basketball training sessions different from a team practice?

Basketball training sessions are different from a team practice because training sessions focus mainly on the individual skills of the athlete. Team concepts are taught and practiced during training sessions, but they are focused mainly on the personal development of each individual athlete rather than developing an entire team.

Why should my son or daughter attend training?

If your child has a love for the game of basketball and wants to improve, training is a must! In order to improve we must work on our craft, whatever it is. In order to do that, we need direction from professionals who know what it takes to get better. Another reason is that athletics teaches characteristics and skills that are useful for the rest of life: work ethic, discipline, humility, authenticity, coachability, teamwork, etc. Athletics is one of the greatest ways to teach a young person these things. We understand that not every athlete we train here will become collegiate or professional athletes, but our goal is to prepare them to become leaders in society!

Can a trainer make my son or daughter good enough to…?

Each individual athlete has a different “ceiling,” meaning each person’s potential is different. Some will be able to play collegiately or professionally and some will be good high school players. As trainers we cannot promise any athlete will reach a certain level, but what will happen is we will help them reach their ceiling and potential, whatever that may be.